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Multimodal transport

Finding the best option for your transport needs is a complex task.
Fullcomex looks for the optimal combination of transport in order to carry your cargo at minimal cost.
The strategic position of Chile in South America, for example, allows cargo that moves between Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina to pass by obligation through our country in transit.
Our logistics network, present in these, other South American countries and the world, allows cargo to be mobilized between these countries, be transported in various methods (trucks, trains, planes or ship ).
For example, traffic between Buenos Aires and Guayaquil, can be done through a combination of different methods (rail, truck and boat). Thus, avoiding shipping through the Strait of Magellan saving considerably on freight costs and gaining significant time in the delivery of your products.
We have agents in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Argentina. We also have strategic partners in all major destinations in the world, allowing us to mobilize cargo to and from anywhere on the planet.